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Discreet Deceit Turns Into Love

- Sophia captured the look perfectly. She was a raving beauty underneath the short knitted sweater, dull pink shirt and lime green pants. Black rimmed glasses sat on her face crookedly as she observed t...

By: sweet_lusciousdesire | Category: Voyeur | Score: 5| Added: 06 Feb 2015

Neighbourhood Watch

-     The Voyeur…   At 2:12 p.m. precisely, her car purrs onto her driveway, its tyres crunching upon the white gravel. The door swings open to reveal a pair of black leather stilettos perched on...

By: Saucymh | Category: Exhibitionism | Score: 5| Added: 26 Oct 2014

A Room With A View

- The hotel room door opens. She walks in, swinging her hipsand singing. She's wearing a dark shirt, tight where it matters, the top few buttons undone enough to show her cleavage and the edge of a blac...

By: Lupus | Category: Straight Sex | Score: 4.6| Added: 22 May 2013

A Kinky Woman, A Watcher, and A Hard Cock

- I rolled into the Bay area about four in the afternoon. Traffic was horrid, it was a hot day in California to say the least, and my patience had about run thin. Following the directions on my GPS syst...

By: StraightStick602 | Category: Group Sex | Score: 4| Added: 24 Nov 2011

Whipped Cream at the Store

- I’m not one to like public restrooms. I drove truck for many years and was compelled to using rest area’s public facilities. Hence, the reason for not liking them. However, there are times when one d...

By: StraightStick602 | Category: Exhibitionism | Score: 3.9| Added: 09 Nov 2011

The Truth Shall Get You Off

- The four of us had our guns pointed at each other. In a high-end suite in a trendy hotel in Stockholm, it was my partner, John McShay, and I against two of our most wanted criminals. Dangerous, highly...

By: Espresso | Category: Group Sex | Score: 4.9| Added: 10 Mar 2011

A Gift For A Friend

- A Gift for a Friend A knock on the door brought me back from the book I was reading.  As expected my girlfriend Amy waited outside.  Unexpectedly Amy's platinum blond hair spilled down her back like ...

By: quale | Category: Reluctance | Score: 4.8| Added: 01 Mar 2007