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Resisting Fate - Part Two of Three

- It was only when I watched Red Elk turn his back to me and began to ride off that I understood. He was making me decide if I wanted to go with him or to return to my own kind. But they weren't my own ...

By: Poppet | Category: Historical | Score: 5| Added: 13 Aug 2015

Resisting Fate - Part One of Three

- I spent the warm season hunting beaver along the shores of the great river. The hunt was good, but too many days had passed and each one was now shorter than the last. Cold winds were already blowing ...

By: Poppet | Category: Historical | Score: 5| Added: 06 Aug 2015

Welcome to Canada Part 2

- I tuck you back into your pants and give you another kiss. Resting my head on your shoulder, you pull out of the parking lot and onto the highway, heading for your family's home. I promptly fall sound...

By: Gillianleeeza | Category: Anal | Score: 4.9| Added: 24 Jul 2015

Welcome To Canada

- We'd been dating for awhile now. I knew you were from Canada, Newfoundland specifically. I of course had acted as if I knew exactly where that was. I have to admit geography was not my strongest subje...

By: Gillianleeeza | Category: Oral Sex | Score: 5| Added: 03 Jul 2015

Sucking My First Cock on a Business Trip

- I have traveled extensively on business during my lengthy career working in the insurance industry. However, it was only a year ago when I had my first erotic experience with another man. Now I look ...

By: edlangston | Category: First Time | Score: 4.9| Added: 18 Jun 2015

Fuck Doll - Chapter Three

- Frank Ryder has been a client of mine for a little over three months. When we first started the on-line dates, he would want to see me pretty much every other day. It seemed like he was addicted to me...

By: Poppet | Category: Novels | Score: 4.8| Added: 15 Jul 2013

Your room or mine?

- On the plane to where ever, I was seated next to a striking brunette. To my surprise we started talking. Surprised because I very rarely can carry a conversation with a stranger, even more rare with a...

By: herfriend | Category: Oral Sex | Score: 4.2| Added: 14 May 2011