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How Badly Does He Want Her?

- Jason had been pestering Mandy for ages, and while it was flattering at first, it soon began to become annoying. He was a nice enough guy, late twenties, good body, standing around the five foot ten ...

By: marie5555 | Category: Femdom | Score: 4.8| Added: 10 Jan 2018

Utter Desolation

- Lost and alone, abandoned to my fate, I wander in the barren wilderness Despised and forsaken, longing for death. The cold and bitter ashes of remorse Fill my mouth with gall, and blister my tongue, ...

By: KindOfHeart | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 14 Apr 2017

Liquid Chocolate Eyes

- Her liquid chocolate eyes mesmerize; my chin on hands, my breath full of sighs, Her husband thinks nothing amiss but I desire to give his wife a kiss, There is smoke when our eyes meet and thoughts of...

By: Trystin715 | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 11 Oct 2016

Set me free

- Set me free From this prison Of my own emotions, Locked behind bars Constructed by pieces Of a broken heart. Caged by the chaos Raging in my mind, Feelings shattered Like broken glass, Mirr...

By: Nordic_Pixie | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 01 Jul 2016

Carry Me Far Away

- I wish the tide would lift me up And carry me far away, Further from the things of man Than those who wish to stay. Drifting slowly from the shore Far out into the sea. No more broken promises, ...

By: Liz | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 08 Feb 2016


- I am ready... ready to throw off the shackles. Shackles of self-restraint, ready to share a secret or two. Secrets, secrets of my soul, secrets which I need to let go. Letting go of demons, demons ...

By: _chica_ | Category: Love Poems | Added: 18 Sep 2015

Our First Kiss

- Moons ago we met, friendship, cordiality, and smiles were shared. Anticipated moments, weeks of longing gazes and tender conversation. Walking under the moonlight, a cool night this spring, he fina...

By: _chica_ | Category: Love Poems | Added: 07 Sep 2015

Always Faithful - Chapter Seven

- “You had sex with Greg again today; I thought I could taste him when we kissed. I could really taste him just now, licking your pussy.” “Yes, I did have sex. We left work early, I went to his place....

By: BobNbobbi | Category: Cuckold | Score: 5| Added: 10 Dec 2014

Sue's Story of Seduction

- I’m writing this for an online friend, Sue. She contacted me and asked if I’d help her write the story of her erotic experience with one of her husband’s co-workers three years ago, when she was thir...

By: robertl | Category: True | Score: 5| Added: 31 Aug 2014

Subtle Tease and Torment

- For the past several months, Kendra and I have been chatting and sharing fantasies between one another. Even though both of us are in committed relationships, we really enjoy discussing different thou...

By: gemstory | Category: Voyeur | Score: 4.3| Added: 04 Sep 2013

Beautiful Inside

- I want to give you the confidence to be yourself just give you a little shove, Give you everything you need so that you can succeed; Happy for you to find your way, who you really are, is who I love....

By: Bunny12 | Category: Love Poems | Score: 4.9| Added: 11 Mar 2012

INTERNET RELAY CHAT - When Predator Becomes Prey

- I.R.C. Internet Relay Chat “ When predator becomes prey.” © drkfetyshnyghts 2009 Foreword IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". ...

By: drkfetyshnyghts | Category: Fetish | Score: 3.2| Added: 18 Nov 2009