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Soul Close...Yet Soul Far

- Magic happens in the moments between dreams and dawn. I awaken when you sing your siren song. Over oceans and countries your call is so clear. No matter if I’m sleeping it’s like you're right h...

By: littleduchess | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 11 Sep 2016

Looking For Love

- Everybody searches for love But it's not so easily found A soul mate is arranged up above You just need to look all around Is it somebody you haven't met Or is it somebody that you know Maybe it's s...

By: Mysteria27 | Category: Love Poems | Added: 07 Jun 2016

To have and have not

- Divergent worlds collide in an unexpected thunderstorm of serendipity. Fated winds toss us giddily into the air, tumbling our tummies. Laughing 'til tears flow, limbs strain for whispers of touc...

By: littleduchess | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 06 Oct 2015

Dream Man

- Shatter my illusions Trample on my dreams Show me that the you I see Is not a real being Be a thoughtless dullard An egotistic cad Be the one about whom I Was warned of by my dad Break my heart in...

By: LaylaJune | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 10 Jul 2015

Unexpected 2

- “Soul mate,” the words escape my lips as we stare at each other through the mirror. A man and a woman stare back at us making my lips tremble with the realization. I turn around and trace the salama...

By: eve_mercurio | Category: Supernatural | Score: 4.9| Added: 14 Nov 2014


- I walk over to my bike, bypassing drunks, after having said farewell to my co worker before heading home. It was her turn to close tonight at the bar and I was exhausted. “Smile for me, baby!" a man...

By: eve_mercurio | Category: Supernatural | Score: 4.9| Added: 07 Nov 2014

My final farewell

- When I first kissed my soul mate The world spun around me It was just fate Even if it sounds cliche After many years had passed Things started to unravel I always thought we would last Soul mates t...

By: Finallyatpeace | Category: Love Poems | Score: 4.4| Added: 25 Nov 2013


- They say one soul separates at birth. Splits into one man and one woman, Destined to seek each other Connect again, be one, once more. Was it fate we found each other? I didn’t know it was ...

By: Java | Category: Love Poems | Score: 4.9| Added: 18 Nov 2013

The unseen heart

- She's a creature of the night She's the wind and the rain She's the twilight, she's the dawn She slips unseen in between men's dreams Her steps light as the breeze that ripples through the lea...

By: ravenpearl | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 21 Sep 2013

My Soul Mate

- How do I go through the day without you here? I don't ... I can see your face all around me, everywhere. I feel... You kiss caressing as a soft breeze, sweet as wine. I think... Never lonely now, I c...

By: Kandikiss51 | Category: Love Poems | Score: 4.6| Added: 23 Apr 2013

The One in my Heart

- It's you who I see, When I wake, When I cry, When I laugh. It's you who I love, When you cook, When you give, When you fight. It's you who I cherish, When you smile, When you sing, ...

By: Naughty_TigerGRL | Category: Love Poems | Score: 4.5| Added: 23 Dec 2012

Searching For My Hearts Desire

- Searching in the dim fading light. For something to last through the night. To wrap around me and hold me close. And give me everything I need the most. Whisper his dreams in my ear. Read the words...

By: Bunny12 | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 19 May 2010