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À la Recherche du Temps Perdu

- Sitting in the coffee shop in the park last Sunday morning, nursing a well-deserved hangover, I picked idly at a flake of skin on my leg. Then I realised it wasn’t skin at all, but dried semen. Wry...

By: naughtyannie | Category: Flash Erotica | Score: 4.8| Added: 20 Jul 2016


- I went away today Driving in my car I thought of you against me How strong and warm you are I went away today Talking on the phone Gripped by those blue velvet eyes Yet I was all alone I went away...

By: LaylaJune | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 15 Aug 2015


- Color my feelings and shade them in. Paint my heart and lips red. Brush my mind with bright colored strokes. Prisms of light touch my soul when you color my skin. Crimson prints your fingers leave...

By: Gillianleeeza | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 04 Aug 2015

Cabin by the Lake

- Paige sat in her boss’ office, wondering if she was in trouble, trying tried hard to remember if she had done anything to piss her boss off lately.She tapped her foot impatiently on the floor while wa...

By: WickedlyFab | Category: Straight Sex | Score: 4.9| Added: 04 Jun 2014

Just Another Stain on the Sheet

- When did I last wash this sheet? It must be nearly a month. That’s awful. God, I’m such a slut. Just look at the dried-up stains on it. All that remains Of four weeks of fucks. I remember that ...

By: naughtyannie | Category: Erotic Poems | Score: 4.6| Added: 18 Nov 2013

Our Session

- Walking in Preparing for our session  Removing my clothes  And folding them  Placing them neatly in a pile on the floor. Thinking about what you told me When you were telling me  About how the ses...

By: Aussie_kitty77 | Category: Love Poems | Score: 4.4| Added: 19 Oct 2013


- Today I sit here  watching the rainfall  the soft pitta patta  of the raindrops  hitting the ground,  match the tears  that run down my face. Remembering the moments  we shared that made me  feel so...

By: Aussie_kitty77 | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 13 Jul 2013

Tension In The Mellowing

- There's a tension in the mellowing; A striving in the firelight; A beauty in the darkening air; A gentleness in the autumn fury. Aging love, steadfastly kept, Is still a thriving, broad-shouldered yo...

By: Shylass | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 03 Oct 2012

Night and Day

- This is a first effort at publication. Please be gentle. It is twilight – that wonderful time between day and night That the French call l’heure bleue – the blue hour. As I look out over the ...

By: principessa | Category: Love Poems | Score: 4.9| Added: 22 Apr 2012

Four Poems of Farewell: Don Quixote to His Lady

- On bended knee I bow, madam. I have charged over hills, my helmet gleaming, and fought heroically in the madness of my love for you. I have galloped hard and leaped high walls, your name ble...

By: Sisyphus | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 02 Feb 2012

Fairy Tales: Four Poems of Farewell

- From Fairy Tales: Four Poems of Farewell Adam and Eve Our garden is overgrown. The grass is tall and weeds choke out the sun. We stand here in the shade looking for a path through all of this...

By: Sisyphus | Category: Love Poems | Score: 4.5| Added: 01 Feb 2012

TSINF 9.2 - Recollections pt. 2

- Steph just sighed. “Oh I guess. Just fast forward to who won because the game of quarters explains the hangover.” Amanda sighed . “Spoil sport………..fine. Some guy won. It wasn’t you or Matt. But at ...

By: Lightning454 | Category: Novels | Score: 5| Added: 24 Aug 2011