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Clockwork Caroline

- Steam was King! Steam was clean, the cheap power to the masses. From the end of the nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth century, steam drove everything. And in that time, inventions were a...

By: Katiewest | Category: Steampunk | Score: 4.4| Added: 15 Dec 2017

Lover's Rock

- Julia The heavens decide to open when I am fifty yards from the door. With a curse, I try to move faster, but it was difficult in the heels I had somehow decided were a good idea to wear that mo...

By: MindSparks | Category: First Time | Score: 5| Added: 08 Mar 2017

Emily, Disaffected

- The thing about insomnia is, your time isn't even Time anymore. Even if you get the same ration of hours, even a couple extra, they've become an inflated foreign currency: you can't buy nothing worth ...

By: CeliaisAliena | Category: Novels | Score: 4.8| Added: 24 Feb 2012

Dominique - Nicole

- At this moment I was having one ofthose weird outer body experiences. My mind was trying to process what I was seeing in front of me but wires weren't connected. Maybe I should explain. I had left...

By: Satyr | Category: Reluctance | Score: 4.8| Added: 11 Jan 2011


- Dominique was like some little GothicLolita that burst into my life and electrified every molecule of air around me. She was perfect in every way possible. But just as suddenly as I noticed her, so di...

By: Satyr | Category: Reluctance | Score: 4.7| Added: 05 Jan 2011