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Alphia Corporation - Chapter 6C

- The limousine slowed and exited the highway.  A few short minutes later Stan wheeled it expertly through several streets in a clearly high rent district and then the car ghosted into the semi-circula...

By: Hogwash | Category: Wife Lovers | Score: 4.7| Added: 07 Mar 2018

Alphia Corporation - Chapter 6B

- Carrie had not been lying to Sam that she was excited by the naughtiness of the situation and although Carrie was excited and looking forward to being with the Chairman, Carrie was not as confident o...

By: Hogwash | Category: Wife Lovers | Score: 4.8| Added: 03 Mar 2018

Alphia Corporation - Chapter 6A

- Monday ===== Sam wheeled his new Audi S8 into the underground parking garage and waved at the attendant who lifted the gate to the executive parking area for him. Not for the first time did he wond...

By: Hogwash | Category: Wife Lovers | Score: 4.8| Added: 25 Feb 2018

A Rainy Night Becomes A Play Night

- Driving home after a stressful day at work, it begins to rain. Traffic soon comes to a crawl as the rain comes down in torrents and two hours later, I'm finally home. After hanging my coat up and put...

By: Banes1 | Category: Toys | Added: 22 May 2017

Alphia Corporation - Chapter 5

- It was late Sunday morning, London time, and London was falling away as the Alphia Corporation Gulfstream 6 winged all six members of the Alphia Corporation negotiation team swiftly westward, back to...

By: Hogwash | Category: Wife Lovers | Score: 5| Added: 06 Mar 2017

Fairy tales can come true

- Every little girl dreams of living the perfect fairy tale. Where she meets her prince charming, gets married at a castle and lives happily ever after. I was no exception. I got married on a beaut...

By: vvale | Category: Flash Erotica | Score: 5| Added: 21 Mar 2016

Fun Times - Chapter 1

- The ten guys were waiting on the wharf, waiting for the eight girls who had agreed to join them. Even though the area was fairly crowded, Sam picked the girls out right away from the way they were ...

By: Hogwash | Category: Love Stories | Score: 5| Added: 06 Oct 2015

The Sexy Neighbor - Part 2

- After my fuck session with Jackie from next door I walked him back home for the night. We approached his huge mansion that looked much like my grandparents' and he wrapped his arm around my waist, pul...

By: AmyL1231 | Category: Lesbian | Score: 4.5| Added: 06 Apr 2013

My Brother, My Lover

- I'm Amy. I'm still a virgin-embarrassingly-and it's not like I'm not attractive. I was-I mean, not to brag or anything. I have muddy blonde hair, long and to my butt, which was perky and tight. I h...

By: sexwriter | Category: Incest | Score: 0| Added: 20 Feb 2012

Masturbating in my boyfriends bed

- I was lying in bed in the afternoon, getting ready to take a nap. My boyfriend wasn't home and so I tossed and turn in the large empty bed. I had the blankets wrapped around my warm body. I slept comp...

By: OliviaAmore | Category: Masturbation | Score: 4.9| Added: 21 Jul 2011