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What If: Part Two

- Part of me expected everything to change once the afterglow faded, once it completely sank in that I'd left my wife at home to come unload my balls into a stranger I'd just met at the gym. I expected...

By: xsbelle | Category: Gay Male | Score: 5| Added: 04 Feb 2018

What If

- It started when he caught me staring while he did squats. I'd gotten home from a work trip late that afternoon and the last thing I'd wanted to do was lift, but my wife had insisted. She was going, ...

By: xsbelle | Category: Gay Male | Score: 4.9| Added: 08 Jan 2018

A Late Night Workout: Part 3

- When I got back with the towels Aaron wasn't in front of his locker. I followed the sound of running water, passed the shiny streaks I'd shot all over the bench, and found him standing with his back ...

By: xsbelle | Category: Gay Male | Score: 5| Added: 23 Nov 2017

A Late Night Workout: Part 2

- Each step toward the gym reminded me that I'd already been fucked once that night. My ass felt velvety, relaxed, almost frictionless after the stretching Eric had given it. I resisted the urge to squ...

By: xsbelle | Category: Gay Male | Score: 5| Added: 13 Nov 2017

A Late Night Workout: Part 1

- As part-time jobs go, working at the front desk of a gym isn’t bad. The place is near campus, I can work around my classes, and the owner, J (short for Jim, which doesn't work for obvious reasons), d...

By: xsbelle | Category: Gay Male | Score: 5| Added: 07 Nov 2017

The Benefits of a Single

- I stepped into my room and locked the door behind me. I was so lucky I had a single. I unslung my gym bag and tossed it down by my desk. Going to the gym always makes me super horny. When I’m doing ...

By: typical_boy | Category: Masturbation | Score: 5| Added: 29 Apr 2017

The Truth (Part 1)

- "I want to know all of it. When did this start?" she says when I finally close the door. "Well," I reply slowly "if you really want to know, then I should tell you - this is a long story." "I wa...

By: Konstelacio | Category: Gay Male | Score: 4.6| Added: 15 Nov 2011

My Wet Dream Pt. o1

- I can't sleep. I slip my hand in my boxers and think about Coach Riley. You've gotta get some rest. Tomorrow is the football game, and the team needs you... I lay back. I know what was keeping me...

By: Touch_MiHotBodii | Category: Gay Male | Score: 4.5| Added: 30 Dec 2009

From Kickboxing to Cocksucking

- Muay Thai kickboxing is a demanding sport. Since one can strike all areas of the body with all areas of the body, strenuous training is a must. Endless hours of conditioning through sparring, pad wo...

By: flyhighwithbiguy | Category: Gay Male | Score: 4.9| Added: 13 Apr 2008