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Last Stop Bubbles: A Lost Blondie-Verse Tale, Part Two

- I. Vicious State of Mind “Caution, approaching platform.” The announcement drowns out the clipped whispers, but the furtive eyeballing remains. Some knew me immediately. The celebrity-like reco...

By: MadMartigan | Category: Interracial | Score: 5| Added: 26 Jun 2017

Blondie Does Anal

- Sam and I bought our cabin last year for weekends just like this one. It gives us the perfect place to have our friends come by and party with us. This past week was probably the hottest we've had ...

By: Jinxy | Category: Anal | Score: 5| Added: 02 Aug 2015

Blondie Goes Skinny Dipping

- Our first day at the camp we decide to avoid unpacking, rushing down to the lake. It is our favorite place in the whole world. Not that either of us have seen a load of the whole world, but of what we...

By: Jinxy | Category: Flash Erotica | Score: 5| Added: 07 May 2015

Blondie Gets A Treat

- “Okay ladies, lift those legs. I want to see them nice and high. Higher ladies. Don't disappoint me!” The extremely fit, too ripped, fake tan girl on the TV is pushing us normal people to death, to ...

By: Jinxy | Category: Oral Sex | Score: 5| Added: 17 Feb 2014

Blondie's Gift

- I can't believe that my boyfriend wants to do this, but I agreed that I'd do anything he wanted. I didn't think it would be this, though. He wants to watch me having sex with another man. I tried aski...

By: Jinxy | Category: Taboo | Score: 4.9| Added: 15 Dec 2013

Blondie's Christmas Tale

- The lullaby of 24th street haunted my steps. A far off siren heralding yet another robbery gone bad. Laughter fueled by too much liquor and swearing fed by frustration. Voices raised in anger, seethin...

By: sprite | Category: Group Sex | Score: 5| Added: 29 Oct 2013 Editor's Pick

Blondie's A Naughty Girl

- It’s been so long since we've been with each other, I've missed having you. You’re finally here with me; you plan to fuck me so hard. I want you! We don’t have much time, we both know it, we might ...

By: Jinxy | Category: Wife Lovers | Score: 4.8| Added: 05 Sep 2013

Blondie's Public Fuck

- We've been playing this game for weeks now, teasing each other whenever we see one another in the library. I always make sure to wear skirts a tad too short, never wearing panties, and you always noti...

By: Jinxy | Category: Exhibitionism | Score: 4.9| Added: 23 Aug 2013

Blondie’s Birthday Fuck - Part Two

- The rest of the day seems to fly by, until the doorbell rings a little after six in the evening. I go to answer the door, unsure who it is. We've made plans to meet up with some of our friends later. ...

By: Jinxy | Category: Lesbian | Score: 4.8| Added: 17 Aug 2013

Blondie’s Birthday Fuck - Part One

- Waking up to the sound of Sam whispering in my ear, I can’t help but smile. “Wake up, Blondie, it’s your birthday.” His hand slides over my hip, towards my breast before cupping it, and squeezing soft...

By: Jinxy | Category: Straight Sex | Score: 4.8| Added: 15 Aug 2013

Blondie's Song

- “Let’s ride,” she said, or rather said I And he lay down beside me, prick aimed at the sky My magnificent cuckold of destruction and death Draining my soul and stealing my breath. “Get on litt...

By: sprite | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 04 Jun 2013

Married Blondie satisfied by Horny Indian

- By Sid Dey Nora my hot neighbor stepped out of her car in the parking lot of our luxury condo community in North Brunswick, NJ. I was picking up my mail from the mailbox near the parking lot. ...

By: kaamdev | Category: Interracial | Score: 4.2| Added: 25 Jun 2008