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Welcome Home Part Four: Coming Together

- Jordan slowly pulled the long thick dildo out of her.  Jordan loved these few moments of privacy she had on Sundays. She felt the oozing lubricant escaping her. The dildo had a few remnants of its co...

By: Shadowforce1 | Category: Interracial | Added: 22 May 2018

Taking One For The Team: Part Four

- "Holy fuck!" I shouted to myself as I got out into the cold. The first-morning breeze shot through my coat and clothes like a lance. I rushed toward the rental vehicle and slammed the door closed beh...

By: Shadowforce1 | Category: Interracial | Added: 22 Apr 2018

Jacksonville Or Bust

- "Fuck you Jimmy!" she yelled as she stormed out of the wooden house. "Fuck me? Fuck you! You're a stupid whiny bitch!" Jimmy said chasing after slamming the screen door as he left. "What did you ca...

By: Shadowforce1 | Category: Interracial | Added: 10 Feb 2017

Taking One For The Team: Part Three

-   The past three weeks were very eventful for me. Especially at work Lauren was insatiable when it came to pleasing her sexually. Not that I was complaining I had never had as much sex in as many po...

By: Shadowforce1 | Category: Anal | Added: 16 Dec 2016

Kendra's Way - Part I

- Kendra arched her back and grabbed a handful of Daniel's thick blond hair, lifting his head as they made eye contact. "Deep Baby," she purred, "I'm so sore. Moisten and clean me deep." He returned ...

By: Bullwhip | Category: Interracial | Score: 4.7| Added: 20 Nov 2016

My Boss's Wife Part 1: Meeting the Wife

- I hated these formal events. I hated dressing up like a penguin. But most of all I hated my boss. Mr. Fredrick. He was a pain both at work and outside of work. "Looking good finally, Derek," he said...

By: Shadowforce1 | Category: Masturbation | Added: 26 Sep 2016

Working Out At The Hotel

- He fucked me harder, pushing my legs further forward. They were almost touching the headboard behind me. I looked up at him. His dark face, with those dark brown eyes looking down at me. His strong mu...

By: Shadowforce1 | Category: Flash Erotica | Added: 06 Sep 2016

The Football Bet Part Two: Claire Finds Herself

- Slowly I began to wake up. My thoughts were still cloudy. The taste of alcohol filled my mouth, turning over I saw a few empty bottles on the small table by the bed. The events of the night slowly ca...

By: Shadowforce1 | Category: Group Sex | Added: 16 Aug 2016

Leave Your Mark

- Gerald pulled the pillow tighter over his head as he tried to drown out the sounds of the roommate fucking his latest conquest. The moans and the rhythmic bumping of the bed hitting the wall filled ...

By: Shadowforce1 | Category: Interracial | Added: 05 Aug 2016

Closing the store

- Being an assistant store manager had itups and downs. It's good times as well as it's bad times, tonight was one of those bad times. It was my turn to be the closing manager, which meant I had many th...

By: Shadowforce1 | Category: Interracial | Added: 16 Apr 2016

Going white for the first time

- The wife and I have been married for just over four years. We were one of the original people to have moved into this apartment complex. “Have you seen the new lady in the next building?” she asked...

By: Shadowforce1 | Category: Interracial | Added: 14 Mar 2016


- DIS-ORDERLY NURSE by Rumple Foreskin * Donna Faircloth, newly minted nurse and young wife, was getting gloriously fucked. Waves of ecstasy surged through her writhing body as the powerfully built m...

By: RumpleForeskin | Category: Wife Lovers | Score: 4.6| Added: 07 Jul 2009