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Company Coming.

- "This is so wrong," she said to herself as the warm hand slid between her silky, tanned and taut thighs. She however did nothing more than exhale a soft yes as the hand began to move toward the crot...

By: ThePhantom | Category: Taboo | Score: 4.8| Added: 24 Jun 2016

Mom, Son, Honey, Camping 3

- Mom and I, both fell asleep pretty quickly after I emptied myself into her but after about only an hour or so, I woke up again. I don't know if it was; the warmth of mom next to me, or the testosteron...

By: creamorama | Category: Incest | Score: 0| Added: 23 Aug 2014

Bag of Lush all sorts

- Anal “You like that, don’t ya Fugs, hey?” asked Eric. “You like a big cock going deep in that sweet tight little puckered up ass?” “You know I do, Babe,” I said between thrusts. “But, do yo...

By: Fugly | Category: Straight Sex | Added: 08 Sep 2011 Editor's Pick

Bag of tricks

- CHAPTER ONE: The sensual erotic love story continues "Hello Fugs," said Mr Noodle Cock, as I gently pushed and pulled his pee hole to make him talk, "I am not in a very good mood today, in fac...

By: Fugly | Category: BDSM | Added: 05 May 2011


- I couldn't believe what the fuck was happening. There was Eric, proud as punch with his cock shoved in some slut's mouth, occasionally glancing over at me with a ' Wow, look at me, I'm getting head ' ...

By: Fugly | Category: Straight Sex | Added: 06 Oct 2010

The Paper Bag Girl

- Have you ever been in a position where your sexual desires totally over-ruled your sensibility? Where you knew it was wrong, but oh boy, it feel so right, so multi-orgasmic right? Well, tonight was on...

By: Fugly | Category: Straight Sex | Added: 27 Sep 2010

The professor

- A mature student makes out sex and insinuates for the first time. I was able to  manage quite well  to  exploit this submissive, obedient attributes in this woman  who had begun to  reveal.  I stil...

By: marcosurbina | Category: Love Stories | Score: 3| Added: 23 Feb 2009