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For Sissies - Being My Sissy

Me talking about you being my sissy lover

I enjoy making audio for a variety of interests. Enjoy, darling... About Being My Sissy - Just me talking to you about being my pretty sissy lover.   ...Read On

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Lick Out My Used Rubber And Stroke

Make you lick the cum out of a condom I used as you stroke off for me

Having you meet with me and service me in the park? Sure, why not. This is a nice bit about you being a slut. Since you are.  ...Read On

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My Forbidden Hole

You want to, don't you...

A tease regarding that forbidden of holes.... don't you want it?...Read On

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Daddy Wants you so Much

A voice message for my special baby (Irish Accent)

  I want you so much baby, Daddy is greedy for you.    Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to please get in touch. I love hearing from you xoxox...Read On

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Hey Baby, Your Daddy Wants You Now

Daddy has a little task for you tonight

I've been missing you my sexy dear. Daddy has a little task for you tonight. I want you hear from you as soon as your done....Read On

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Twelve Hours Earlier

A man recalls the previous night's virtual infidelity and struggles to contain his excitement.

It had been twelve hours since she fucked me and I was still feeling the effects. Flashes of her heavenly body riding my lap on the sofa stung my mind at breakfast, amid household minutiae with my wife. I barely listened, head brimming with visions of flung back hair and gasps as I pawed the incredible breasts of a woman I didn't know at her breathless insistence. The recollection had...Read On

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That Loving Feeling

Breaths of air on granite walls Lifting mist into spherical balls Water cascading from up on high Drops like leaden, tired eyes. Eyelids close and hearts soften Heartbeats slow, then forgotten Smiles that cross a thousand miles Memories fading, sounds of sighs. Banks of moss, soft and fresh Caress and stroke like feathered breath Whisper-light touches and lips of wine Teasing...Read On

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My Greedy Cunt

I want you...

A little teasing ramble about my greedy cunt and how it wants you....Read On

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Bedtime Story for My Pet #6: Used in Public

Instructions for submissive girls to follow in public (or just pretend to).

This audio is intended to be listened to - and its instructions followed - with earbuds in a public restroom.  As with previous Bedtime Stories you will occasionally need to make verbal responses to my instructions. However, if even whispering aloud is too risky where you are, you may respond under your breath or even just in your imagination.   Or if you’re too shy to follow...Read On

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I’m Going To Play With Myself

Join me as I fuck myself in my dorm room.

I’m feeling a little bit naughty tonight. I’ve been trying to contain myself, but as of late I’ve been so horny and things are finally coming to a head.  You see, I’m a student at university. I’ve been living in a dorm room with three other girls and haven’t had the privacy to get off in weeks. But that’s all changing tonight. Even though two of the girls are still in here, I’m going to do...Read On

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Erotic Feelings

I guess we feel what we want to feel

Breath brushing, nape of neck A shivering warmth, kept in check. Hairs on end, goose bumps burst Mouth left watering, lack of thirst. Heart fluttering, secret whispers Along my spine, like prosaic rivers. Fingers arranging, delicate hairs Around ears and face, flushes flare. Shaking of shoulders, intimate touch Your body close, needing so much. Intoxicating scents, lust and love Firm...Read On

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Fire Within

When an angel starts to daydream

I can’t stop thinking about you, You have captivated my mind I need to feel your touch I want you to claim what I hide Like a flame burning in the dark Starving to ignite All I need is the right guidance To fulfill all that is right Your voice I crave to taste As you guide my hand Bringing forth pleasure Leaving behind your brand Hot temptations of lust Cloud my waking thoughts ...Read On

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So... You Think You’re A Master

What mastery is.

It started with mild flirtations,   Some giggles and chuckles, Evolving to penetration, Her fingers, your self-masturbation.   She wants to be yours, You say you are hers, A virtual bond forms, Her dreams are fulfilled.   Vowing to forsake all others, You enter into the game, She wants you as her master, You play into her game.   She wants to be your sub, Macho is your name,...Read On

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Seduction gets turned up a notch

Bouncing in your chair, you're anxious. I can tell that’s a song you know so well, and the floor is filling up. Spanning, you swell with excitement, but you get no offers.   The song fades to music, way too slow, and with a pout you slump down. So so late dance offers come. You let them go. They don’t see you like I do.   I see the heat of your heart’s desire for air. Your need...Read On

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Just How I Know He Likes.

Rewarding me for being good.

Gripping the base of his arousal, just how I know he likes I love to hear his excitement, lift his pleasure to new heights Gently stroking up and down, I lean forward and lick the tip His hands reach down and grip my hair, he pushes past my lips. Deep breath in as he holds me down, I try to relax my throat Knowing deep down its futile, he loves to see me choke He holds me there, I...Read On

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Devoured upon my bed.

Desperate and yearning, my toes are now curling. Fingers strumming my clit. Desperately seeking, my aching cunt weeping. Tongue sweeping up my slit. Desperate and needing, my voice is now pleading. Fingers thrust roughly inside. Desperately begging, fists gripping the bedding. Pinned down by my thighs. Desperate and seeking, the point I'm near reaching. Arms bound above my head....Read On

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For you

This poem is for you

Your lips divinely soft, Like the soft ridges Of golden sand dunes, In a vast Saharan desert. Lips so crimson red, Like a beautiful sunset As the sun disappears, Over the horizontal abyss. Like the emergence of a wave, As it rushes to shore And crashes against the beach, In a frothy manner. The thought stuck in my head, Of kissing your beautiful lips Keeps crossing my mind, Instead of...Read On

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Recommended Read

The Arsenal

How an historic building tour turned me into a hungry voyeur.

Thank you for the amazing comments!!! Be forewarned... one contains a serious spoiler ! :) The following story is a work of fiction. Everyone is over 18, completely consenting... and probably having a hell of a time.    ...Read On

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The Feast

A quick poem. Ode to cunnilingis

My arms lock round your trembling thighs, My hands bolted round your squirming wrists, My lips brush your slit to the chorus of your sighs, Awaiting my hunger your quivering turns and twists, I drag my tongue the length of your melting core, You push your center to my teasing lips, Your unrealized desire, a lust that turns sore, My teeth hold you in place with its firm but gentle grip,...Read On

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A Morning Well Spent

Morning sex can be beautiful

Imagine yourself waking up right next to me. Spooning you, my arm around your waist, my dick pushing against your ass... Just laying there in my embrace, feeling the warmth. I tilt your head over and kiss you. Long. Deep. My mouth wanders down to your neck. My hand roams across your waist, over your ass and finally starts rubbing your legs. I do this for a while and you savor the moment......Read On

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Jealous Of Your Phone

Using my voice to make you come has its consequences

You lie on your bed. Your phone warms your chest. Your cock fills your hand. The rest, I forge in prurient fire. You listen through the room's solitary restlessness. On your back. Undressed. Aroused. Some are words. Some are not. Both are whispered, out of real time, yet immediate as the throb agitating your grasp. In breathless flow from your high-tech heart of glass, they echo the...Read On

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Recommended Read

A Blind Man's Dream

I walk the streets Not for money, but a dream. I stand still, and stare, as your face emerges Through the tiny gaps  Between the falling rain. Not a day goes by and Not a night in my dreams. That I do not reach out to touch your lips, Smiling, effortlessly, So close to mine. Perchance to talk, to whisper words, "I want you to be mine." I want your light to burn bright, In my dreams......Read On

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Slave Night

Anita's workplace-stress can only be relieved by an evening of complete submission to her husband.

Sometimes Anita’s job made her absolutely crazy. It was mostly the boss’s fault.  The boss was the kind of person who had to micromanage everything and everyone, who couldn’t trust anyone to get a single detail correct and so was constantly looking over the shoulders of every employee, sometimes literally breathing down their necks. But there was little that Anita could do about it.  This...Read On

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Daddy's Little Girl

She loves to please Daddy

Daddy's Little Girl... Loves to play and tease  She gets him hard and horny  Anything just to please  Daddy's Little Girl... Across the bed, she lies  Legs spread open wide So he can see his prize  Daddy's Little Girl... Likes to lick his lolli Up, down and all around  He's really feeling jolly Daddy's Little Girl... Gets on her knees  Ass up head down  Anxious to please  Daddy's...Read On

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Pania of the reef

A poem based around the New Zealand Maori myth of Pania of the reef

Still and silent stream in the midnight dark Resting amongst the flax is the night sky beauty herself Quenching a thirst from the sweet, still waters Winds that whisper vows and carry the faintest of spells Her eyes are deep pools of wintery water Playing in the shallows feels safe, any deeper and you risk drowning An otherworldly beauty emerges from her secret stream Such an ethereal...Read On

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She’s hot, horny and sexy as hell and she has only one thing on her mind tonight!

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck   I want you to cum in my pussy tonight.   I want your thick dick. I want your hard cock. I want every inch of you. Fuck yeah! I want every drop of you. I want you to stick it in and fuck me good. I want to be your cum hole tonight.   Fuck me. Suck me. Lick me. Taste me. Feel me. Make love to me. Oooooh.   Work it. Stroke it. Yank it. Love...Read On

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The Rhythm of Sex

"Myfanwy... Myfanwy... Am I yours. Am I yours." "Yes, yes, yes you are -" Oh! those words of reassurance, those words of need, those words of love. The smile, the sigh, the open mouth, the lustful scent that drifts on the rising air. The hand of hers, that slowly clutches and feeds their fingers through filamentous hair, And the brush of fingertips against warm gossamer-like skin. The heady...Read On

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You kept my tears as souvenirs. Played upon my darkest fears. Held my heart in contempt. Used me till I was totally spent. Yet I continued to come back for more. No matter how many times you slammed the door. I only wanted to be held by you, Nothing mattered till I knew. How you really felt inside. It was then I finally cried. Your indifference in the open, unable to hide. The nature of...Read On

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Geek Girl Cleans Up

A bookstore shoplifter pays for her crime...and really enjoys it.

She'd been coming into the bookstore I managed for a long time, always heading directly to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section. She looked like a typical fantasy-freak—someone who spoke fluent Elvish and could quote chapter and verse from every Star Trek/Star Wars script and Harry Potter book ever written. She wore glasses, brown hair in braids on either side of her head; a black tank-top, baggy...Read On

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You can reach out to find me But I may not be there Think what you want of me But I just might not care Put a strain on my heart And it just might tear My body may be here Yet my soul, nowhere No call for help Not even a flare Dying so suddenly It just isn't fair The ending of "us" no longer a pair And all I can do is sit there and stare Watching as it vanishes into thin air No...Read On