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Krista 02

- *I wasn't sure what category I would put this story under. So, if I have placed it wrongly and angered or offended anyone, please just message me and let me know. Thanks.* It had been 5 days since...

By: panty_dropper | Category: Taboo | Score: 4| Added: 21 Oct 2008

Finding out About Marsha - Pt. 4

- (This is, for now, the last of a 4 part series ... I've left the door open for more, but don't know when I will be able to write it).   By the time Mary came to visit us, 6 weeks after I moved to C...

By: amorab | Category: Incest | Score: 4.9| Added: 26 Nov 2009

Body Language

- Back when I was about twenty, my old dad said to me, over a beer one day, “A divorced woman is like a used car.” I had to ask him what he meant by that, and he clarified by saying, “Just remember, a m...

By: Taverner | Category: Taboo | Score: 4.9| Added: 14 Jun 2010

Taking Over For Mom

- Chapter 1 I guess, first, I need to tell you something about my mother. Now, all I have to do is figure where to start. So, let's see, my mom. Well, she's blond, no, not natural, good figure which...

By: WayneGibbous | Category: Love Stories | Score: 4.6| Added: 30 Jun 2012

Moving in

- In September 2010 my life was over. My mom was getting married to Chuck and I was going to have to move away from the east side to the west. I've lived on the east side since I was born. It’s where my...

By: miafoxx | Category: Taboo | Score: 4.7| Added: 03 Nov 2012

Sexuality: Taboo

- I’ve always been an unusual girl. I grew up thinking the world is utterly insane and I never quite fit in. Never understood the unspoken rules we have set for ourselves. We always try to keep ourselve...

By: Nefertari | Category: Incest | Score: 4.6| Added: 05 Jun 2013

Sexuality: Taboo [part two]

- ”Yeah.” My breathing became uneven. ”What is a limit for you?” ”I have yet to find out,” I said. Those words have never been more true now he was this close to me, talking about this particular ...

By: Nefertari | Category: Incest | Score: 4.9| Added: 06 Jun 2013

Pulling down her panties

- Lisa was waiting in the early afternoon sunshine. Her body still covered with a little perspiration, initially from her soccer training and then her hot shower. It was quite warm for the early autumn ...

By: DanielleX | Category: Reluctance | Score: 4.9| Added: 02 Nov 2013

On the Couch

- It was Saturday morning when my mother walked into the kitchen where I was finishing my bowl of cereal. She was about to start her Saturday morning ritual of going to the gym and grocery shopping. We ...

By: HeatherHottie | Category: Incest | Score: 4.7| Added: 06 Nov 2013

Step-Dad's Rule Number One

- "Bad news ladies," I said seconds after hanging up the phone. "Your mom is stuck out of town and won't be home in time to watch the ball drop. Looks like we'll have to ring in the new year without her...

By: ConnMan38 | Category: Incest | Score: 5| Added: 05 Jan 2014

Dinner's Served

- I can’t believe it. It’s Friday night and I’m at home. Instead of being a normal eighteen year old who goes out to parties, getting drunk and flirting with boys, I’m at home having dinner with my anno...

By: padfootthegreat | Category: Incest | Score: 4.8| Added: 13 Jan 2014

Blended Family

- Eric Robinson wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He finished his first year of medical school and just wasn’t sure if he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. He decided to take the summer off an...

By: adom | Category: Taboo | Score: 4.8| Added: 08 Feb 2014