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Sweetest Fruit

- Night was just beginning to envelope the land as he set fourth. A gentle breeze rolled in from the south, rustling the underbrush and carrying with it a thousand fascinating scents. He breathed dee...

By: SanchoHardbottle | Category: Supernatural | Score: 4.9| Added: 27 May 2014

An unholy communion

- Like silk threads Entwining To weave a fabric of lust,  Tensile strength meets supple creases As my folds leak desire And cloak Your solid mass. Exposed limbs and that hidden sheath Embra...

By: emilykiss | Category: Erotic Poems | Score: 4.9| Added: 02 Apr 2014

In The Land Of Salvation And Sin

- Somewhere down where the Spanish Moss hangs and the Palmetto Trees grow... Garland, still hung over from the previous night’s drinking, sat on the edge of the bed and glared angrily at the window a...

By: Buz | Category: Straight Sex | Score: 5| Added: 02 Jan 2013

Me, My Friend Bill, and His Mother -- 3

- My name is Neal – I was a rather normal sixteen year-old in the Sixties. Normal, that is, until the Saturday afternoon when my best friend’s mother gave me my first blowjob and my first fuck. Yeah, I ...

By: Buddybear | Category: MILF | Score: 4.9| Added: 31 Jan 2012


- I caught my glance in the glass again Tonight-- just stole a peek the other hour. A minute ago, alright? You know How I can’t keep my eyes off the one I love? That hardness about the eyes, When did ...

By: CeliaisAliena | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 25 Jan 2012


-  I am the serpent Warmed by the heat of your sun   Asleep until woken  Letting the rain into my window  My curtains billowing, sails upon a ship  Bound for unknown lands, each seagull  A beacon of hop...

By: sprite | Category: Love Poems | Score: 5| Added: 23 May 2011

Wheel Of Passion

- Gone like a leaf blowing in the wind, Why did you entice me with the notes that you would send? I was so hopeful that you would be the one, To replace my pet and show me some fun. At first you se...

By: Bunny12 | Category: Love Poems | Score: 0| Added: 21 Feb 2011


- That night he retired to his room a little earlier than usual. There was much on his mind that needed to be processed. He lay in bed for a while, just thinking about her . Reliving the sweet and s...

By: harbour | Category: Masturbation | Score: 4.9| Added: 08 Nov 2010

The Choice

- She stood before him, her hands were shaking and she was having trouble controlling her breathing. She had never been in a situation such as this one before, but she chose it. She made this happen....

By: bobbylynn | Category: Straight Sex | Score: 4.9| Added: 01 Nov 2009

Cardinal Sin

- She had been dreaming of this day for years now. Her love for him had been burning insider her like a furnace. "Tis a sin!" They would say if anyone found out, but Sister Pamfry didn't care anymore. S...

By: Madonkadonk | Category: Reluctance | Score: 4| Added: 14 Jul 2009

The Christmas Party

- THE CHRISTMAS PARTY Contrary to popular belief, all minister’s wives aren’t prudes. Take me; you could to if you were here with me right now because I’m sitting here naked with my pussy craving...

By: HornyOldMan | Category: Straight Sex | Score: 4.7| Added: 11 Nov 2008