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West meets East hospitality

- The shalwar (Indian baggy trousers) felt so sensuous on Charles's legs and groin as he gently rubbed himself through the raw silk. He was wearing Rani's Mangla Sutra (Indian lady's wedding necklace) t...

By: purpleshade | Category: Crossdressing | Score: 5| Added: 21 May 2014

Candle Lit Room

- As I walk into the room I see the candles every where I smell your cologne Wafting thru the air You walk up behind me You touch my skin lightly A soft kiss on my neck Leaving traces of your h...

By: Shortnsassyone | Category: Erotic Poems | Score: 5| Added: 11 Apr 2014

Silk Panties for You

- I do this all for you. In front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom, I slowly unbutton my silk blouse, revealing a pretty white bra edged with pink lace. It has a little pink bow in the center, ...

By: silkpantygirl | Category: Masturbation | Score: 4.7| Added: 04 Apr 2014


- It isn’t silk binding your wrists It’s opportunity It isn’t leather around your ankles It’s a welcoming It isn’t a metal bar parting your knees It’s encouragement It isn’t linen arching yo...

By: writingfool66 | Category: Love Poems | Score: 4.4| Added: 17 Nov 2013

Soft Velvet

- Candles flicker in the dark, Casting shadows on my naked skin. I can hear your breath in the silence, You want to hear every gasp, every moan, That escapes my quivering lips. I can smell t...

By: Saga | Category: Erotic Poems | Score: 5| Added: 26 Jan 2013 Audio version available

Silk Seduction

- A fantasy inspired by someone special…this is for you. A belated birthday present. My eyes roam over the provocative sight before me. Your glorious naked body sprawled on the bed, your wrists t...

By: HunniDew | Category: Straight Sex | Score: 4.9| Added: 06 Jan 2013

Christmas Silk

- I meet you for coffee. I bend over your shoulder and whisper in your ear,“May I have a kiss, please". I'm demure and polite, but you can see the playful light in my eyes.You smile and say, "Yes, you...

By: BabyBunny | Category: Straight Sex | Score: 4| Added: 19 Dec 2012

Spanish Carmen (Second Part)

- Spanish Carmen (second part) Carmen’s stare denounced a sarcasm and mockery. Despite this, the middle-aged woman inspired me so much as to feel in cloud 9. I thought I wish I’d fuck her brains out...

By: marcosurbina | Category: MILF | Score: 4.6| Added: 26 Oct 2012

Dream Sequence With My Pancake Man: Part 1

- I know he has pulled away from me completely but dreams, whether sleeping or waking, continue to haunt me. They are a forever present ghost on my back, whispering in my ear. Giving me hope that his lo...

By: iknowcence | Category: Love Stories | Score: 5| Added: 31 Aug 2012

The Perfect MILF Tutor For the Perfect STUDent

- It has been apparent through all my schooling life that English was not my strongest subject. Growing up, teachers were very hesitant to give me high marks and I always tried my best without getting h...

By: big_aussie_boi | Category: MILF | Score: 4.6| Added: 08 Jul 2012