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Dear Journal

- Dear Journal: Hi. First entry is always the hardest, especially since I hate the ideas of diary-things, but whatever. About myself…well, I’m a girl. Technically speaking anyways. My birth certific...

By: Aaannn | Category: Lesbian | Score: 4.8| Added: 17 Aug 2010

Two girls meet (part 1)

- She looked so stunning, standing there, at the airport, just waiting. I have never witnessed such a work of art. She was standing there, about twenty yards away from me, looking around. I can't believ...

By: unicorn92 | Category: Love Stories | Score: 4.7| Added: 15 Apr 2011

Autumn's Love Story

- This story starts at the end of 10th grade. I was in a new school for the 5th time in 4 years. I was never one of those quiet new kids that sits in the corner and never makes any friends. I was loud a...

By: sexylittlegirl | Category: Love Stories | Score: 4.7| Added: 10 Oct 2011

Izzy and Mr James p1

- Izzy and Mr James First submission, comments welcomed (no characters in this story are underage) The one thing that Izzy hated the most about herself was her baby face. She’d always been tea...

By: Ell | Category: Taboo | Score: 4.7| Added: 28 Jan 2012

That's What Friends are For

- “It’s John Anderson! IT’S JOHN BLEEDING ANDERSON!” my mind crowed while my stomach turned cart wheels. The mad woman was running round inside my head again and I prayed that she’d keep her damned voi...

By: sam_kind | Category: Lesbian | Score: 4.8| Added: 30 Jan 2012

Excerpts From My Inexperience: My First Kiss (Added Bonus - Spunky Fingers)

- This story only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. One day, anybody who is lucky enough reaches a point when they can finally say they had their first...

By: Shylass | Category: First Time | Score: 5| Added: 17 Feb 2012

Our night

- We sit on the couch watching Lord of The Rings. I don’t know why, but you make me so nervous. We have talked for hours, I trust you completely, and you know everything about me. So why do you make ...

By: Terrag | Category: Love Stories | Score: 4.8| Added: 20 Apr 2012

The Butterfly

- I sat alone in the lunchroom accompanied only by a cold grilled cheese on a dirty plastic tray. Swarms of college students marched in and out of the concession stand of a cafeteria. The food was never...

By: ballstothewall | Category: Love Stories | Score: 4.7| Added: 22 Feb 2013

Love Affair - The Awakening

- Faith is young and naïve but full of passion for life. She walks with her hands tied with her groceries bags. Her mind, as always, drifts as she smiles at the sunny Florida day. "Are there any gent...

By: Arlene | Category: Love Stories | Score: 4.8| Added: 17 Aug 2013

I Won't Give Up

- The screen door slapped loudly behind him, the sound echoing across the yard and fading into the night, the only sounds remaining were the cadence of the crickets in the long grass, singing to the sta...

By: MsHorselover93 | Category: Love Stories | Score: 4.9| Added: 03 Sep 2013

Never Been Kissed - Chapter Five

- As the days flew by like seconds, a pattern of my life in England began to emerge. It was a lackadaisical life with no schedule aside from the appointed time I would spend every morning with Nicholas....

By: celaenoeos | Category: Love Stories | Score: 4.9| Added: 23 Dec 2013

Nikkie Part 1

- After breaking up with my boyfriend of almost a year and a half, I was not sure of what to do next. Though I had dated in high school and had a few boyfriends, none of them were serious relationships....

By: adele | Category: Exhibitionism | Score: 5| Added: 15 Mar 2014