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- Pamela had been driving for hours, the mountain roads were twisting and deserted this time of night or really early morning. The sky was dark, no moon tonight but every once in a while she would ...

By: Drakon | Category: BDSM | Score: 4.7| Added: 15 Sep 2009

Here pussy, pussy, pussycat!

- One moment I was walking down the Strand at about 3 o’clock, just past Charing Cross Station, when it hit. What “it” was, I have no idea, and all I remember was a light, brighter than anything I had ...

By: OldGeezer | Category: Supernatural | Score: 4.8| Added: 30 Dec 2011

My pussycat, right here, now!

- It was six months now since my “episode”, as I liked to term it. I had started to tell my friends about what I had experienced, but their reactions were such that I soon decided to keep quiet about i...

By: OldGeezer | Category: Supernatural | Score: 4.9| Added: 02 Jan 2012


- It was warm and humid in your room. You took your shower and then opened the window, to let in the night breeze. The breeze and coolness of the covers felt wonderful on your naked skin. You don't norm...

By: kwings48 | Category: Supernatural | Score: 4.8| Added: 12 Mar 2013

Chained to the Ceiling

- They had me chained to the roof by my wrists, my feet dangling freely. I was completely naked and a cool breeze played across my erect nipples. They captured me last week when they invaded Earth. They...

By: Mikki | Category: Supernatural | Score: 4.3| Added: 09 Apr 2013

A Hudson Valley Sunday

- Living in the New York metropolitan area for many years, and attaining an age where we are comfortable enough to do as we please, my wife Tanya and I decided to find a place away from the smog, conge...

By: Lustyrose4u | Category: Supernatural | Score: 4.9| Added: 12 Apr 2013

Red Passion

- Chapter One The citizens of Thalanamei bustled about beneath a cloudless cerulean sky. The twin suns poured the heat of their blue fire upon the city, making the tall white buildings blinding to ...

By: Levanahyll | Category: Supernatural | Score: 4.5| Added: 02 Dec 2013

Red Passion, Part II

- Emily chewed her lower lip as her sister frowned at her. “I’m not comfortable doing this, Em.” “He’s just so confused. I’d rather just help him find his family. We really don’t need to involve the...

By: Levanahyll | Category: Supernatural | Score: 5| Added: 30 Dec 2013