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Best Friends - Chapter 7

- Even the next morning, they didn’t talk about it, as though analyzing or discussing it would ruin what they had experienced together. They weren’t self-conscious about it; they talked normally, as tho...

By: Sweetdreemz | Category: Group Sex | Score: 4.9| Added: 08 May 2014

Best Friends - Chapter 6

- It was a difficult decision for Cindy to accept Ron’s proposal, but once she said yes she never looked back. Ron was spending most nights at her apartment these days, and Cindy was getting used to sha...

By: Sweetdreemz | Category: Group Sex | Score: 4.6| Added: 07 May 2014

Best Friends - Chapter 5

- The next week Al got up early Saturday to take care of the lawn work. Cindy had already been up a while, as she always got up early, even on her day off. Al grabbed a cup of coffee and joined Cindy at...

By: Sweetdreemz | Category: Group Sex | Score: 4| Added: 06 May 2014

Best Friends - Chapter 4

- Cindy did her best thinking while she jogged, and today Cindy was thinking she could hardly believe it had been only six months since she moved to southern California. She had settled in beautifully a...

By: Sweetdreemz | Category: Group Sex | Score: 4.8| Added: 04 May 2014

Best Friends - Chapter 3

- The next morning, Al grabbed Cindy when she got up and gave her a big kiss and hugged her tightly for a long time. “I love you,” he said. “I know,” Cindy said. “I’ve always loved you too. You know t...

By: Sweetdreemz | Category: Group Sex | Score: 4.7| Added: 03 May 2014

Best Friends - Chapter 2

- The next morning it took Cindy a minute to realize she was in Debby’s bed, and to remember why. She couldn’t believe what she had done. If she could have made herself disappear forever, she would have...

By: Sweetdreemz | Category: Group Sex | Score: 5| Added: 02 May 2014

Best Friends

- “Cindy!” Al roared as he wrapped her up in a bear hug and lifted her off her feet. Planting a big kiss on her lips, he put her down. “You look great. How was your flight?” Cindy had known Al since he...

By: Sweetdreemz | Category: Group Sex | Score: 4.9| Added: 30 Apr 2014

The Women of the Forest

-  Willow stumbled into the forest. From what she could see, the land was vacant, disrupted by nothing but trees and wildlife. She walked for hours, until her legs ached. It was growing dark. She roamed...

By: kangaroofuture | Category: Flash Erotica | Score: 5| Added: 05 Apr 2014

Girlfriend/Future Wife Loses Inhibitions - Part 6

- My name is Alan, and I just watched my beautiful wife, Cindy, suck Pete's cock in front of twenty party guests. Pete squirted cum into her mouth, and all over her face. Cum is dripping off her chin, c...

By: happy9 | Category: Wife Lovers | Score: 5| Added: 09 Mar 2014

The Change Up - Part 2

- I watch Emily get into her car and drive away. My mind just can’t believe what just happen. The clock on the wall says 5:00 oh my. I only have four hours to get ready. I am opening the packages that E...

By: DeedraCd | Category: Crossdressing | Score: 4.9| Added: 10 Jun 2012

Krystenah's Strapping

- In the video, she was bent over a table. She was tied down with leather straps at the thigh and ankle. Her mini skirt rode up and no longer covered all of her bare ass—or nearly bare. Garter straps ...

By: krystenah | Category: BDSM | Score: 4.8| Added: 05 Oct 2011

Michelle's Awakening-Part 3

- PT 3 Ch 11 The parking lot at the Pinetop Bar was more of a dusty, dirt field than an actual parking lot. Set along Highway 6, the Pinetop catered mostly to local ranchers, as the young guys pre...

By: hikingman2 | Category: Wife Lovers | Score: 4.6| Added: 05 May 2008